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Celebrity Look-Alikes
Want to find out who YOUR celebrity look-alike is?
You've come to the right place!
MyHeritage Celebrity Look-Alike is now part of the MyHeritage mobile app.
Get your celebrity matches from a collection of the world's top 4000 celebs, for free!
It's loads of fun, and you can post your results on Facebook and Twitter, or email them to your friends.
Find your celebrity look alike, celebrity look a like, celebrity look alikes, or celebrity twin.
As seen on Doppelganger Week.
More than 15 million people have found their celebrity matches on MyHeritage using our advanced face recognition technology.

MyHeritage is one of the world's first services to introduce advanced face recognition technology for personal photos.
Our Celebrity Look-Alike feature had been a sensation since 2005.

Get the MyHeritage app to discover your celebrity look-alike now!
The MyHeritage mobile app is available for iOS devices and Android, for all smartphones and tablets with a camera.
In addition you will be able to enjoy other great features like building your family tree, sharing photos with your family and researching your ancestors.
Install the free MyHeritage app on your mobile device using the buttons below, then tap MyCeleb.
Get your celebrity match in a few seconds and then share your matches with your friends on Facebook, on Twitter or by email.